Google Chrome to start blocking auto-play flash ads

Google Chrome's announcement regarding flash ads is certainly a positive point for users, although some website owners have expressed a certain amount of concern.  However, Google's decision is also based on factors that can actually help website owners to have better site navigation and functionality.


Latest web design trends we love

It seems that web design constantly evolves and more trends are occurring on a daily basis.  Below you will find some of the latest website design trends that seem to be dominating in 2015.


When it comes to your website ranking, be the authority

In managing online channels for business promotion, search engine rank is a constant focus for measuring the impact of visibility and for engaging new clients through an online search.  However, rankings are also based on other factors that tie in to domain authority, and this can become an important consideration for site content and function.


How blogging can increase your website search engine rank

Raising search engine rankings is always a concern for businesses that use online channels for the bulk of their engagement.  While factors such as actual page content, site functionality, and social media marketing can increase traffic, the use of blogging provides an important means for engaging potential clients and also establishing the reputation of the company.


Investing in your website design is crucial for your business

With digital marketing as one of the major drivers for nearly any company growth, both large and small companies understand that online visibility is a necessity to remain viable.  The result is that many owners are faced with a plethora of choices for website building, design, and pricing.  Unfortunately, this can also make weighing the pros and cons of different support services difficult to navigate, especially when only looking at cost.


Staying current with web design trends in 2015

While advertising and social perspectives do influence one another, trends in online marketing and website design can have more significant impacts on tactics that work, since they can also show an immediate response to these new approaches in design.  While many of the emerging trends for 2015 do reflect the increasing consumer demand for greater user friendliness and higher engagement on a personal level, this also means that the function of technology is more in application than in busy design.


Driving more website traffic with Instagram

As social media networks are becoming more accepted as a marketing outlet for any type of business, it also means that the increase in competition to gain brand recognition and drive better traffic is greater.  However, many companies are overlooking some simple solutions that digital media outlets can offer to garner a larger audience.


Production studio is under construction - professional audio & video coming your way!

We are excited to announce that we are currently in the process of building our own production studio! Since 2006, we have been offering web design, graphic design and printing services to the Boise and Treasure Valley area but will soon be adding to those services through audio and full hd video production.


Designing a website? Put focus on your about page

The about page of a business website is an important area. This is the area that will be tasked with informing customers, clients, and visitors all about your business, what you stand for, what your goals are, how you got your start, and just what you have set out to provide for them. When it comes to gaining visitor confidence, the About page is where much of this confidence will come from, and you can share all the things that are important to you about your business to those you want to reach most.


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